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Q: What is a cbd bath bomb?

A: CBD bath bombs by Mom Bomb are made from Epsom salts, citric acid, Mica and a proprietary CBD blend that allow pores to open so that the effects are maximized.


Q: What are CBD bath salts?

A: CBD Bath soaks and salts from Mom Bomb are all natural treatments added to the bath that relax the mind and body.  CBD bath salts can also be used as a foot soak or body scrub.


Q: Is a cbd bath bomb safe during pregnancy?

A: While cbd bath bombs are considered a topical, we recommend checking with your doctor before use while pregnant.


Q: Are cbd bath bombs safe?

A: CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is a non psychogenic cousin to the more famous marijuana plant.  Because of this, CBD is often misunderstood, however, when used as a topical, as with bath products, they are extremely safe to use.  If you have concerns about contraindications, we always suggest checking with your doctor.

Q: How to use cbd bath bombs?

A: Simply unwrap and drop in the tub to enjoy a relaxing moment in time.

Q: Does cbd bath bombs work?

A: Most users describe the same deep relaxation experience.


Q: Does cbd bath bombs get you high?

A: No, CBD bathbombs do not get you high.  They are made with an extract from the help plant which is non psychogenic.

Q: Can you use cbd bath bomb while breastfeeding?

A: We recommend checking with your doctor.


Q: What does a cbd bath bomb feel like?

A: Most users say they experience a relaxing experience.  You’ll feel it fizz in the beginning and then after 15-30 minutes most report that they feel calm and ready to tackle the next item on their list – which many times is sleep!

Q: Are cbd bath bombs safe?

A: Both CBD bath bombs and bath soak are safe to use.


Q: Will a cbd bath bomb show up on drug test?

A: We do not use a full spectrum formula so there is no trace THC in our products, and as such with Mom Bomb products this is not a concern. With that said, we always recommended you discuss with your employer if failing a drug test is of concern. Most employers will not have an issue with you using a CBD bath bomb.


Q: Do CBD Bath bombs and Bath salts help with pain?

A: There is anecdotal evidence that it does.  Pain is normally a response to inflammation and CBD is a known anti inflammatory.  This is why you are seeing so many athletes touting the virtues of CBD.


Q: How much CBD is in a bath bomb or bath soak?

A: We use 25MG of CBD in each bath bomb.  Because of our patented formula that helps pores open, less CBD is required for an enhanced effect.  We use 300  in milligrams of CBD in our bath salts and soaks, and recommend up to 5 baths for each package.


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