Holiday 2022 Gift Guide

Holiday 2022 Gift Guide



If you’re looking for hot holiday gifts for 2022, you’ve come to the right place.  Our selections of gifts for everyone on your list are sure to bring a smile to their face and a warm remembrance of your thoughtfulness.  Each time you purchase a Mom Bomb product, we donate 100% of the profits to our 501c3 charity helping families in crisis.  These are gifts that give twice; once to your recipient and once to a family in crisis which is the essence of the holiday spirit if we don’t say so ourselves!


Whether you’re looking for employee holiday gifts this 2022 or holiday gifts for clients in 2022 we have items in every price range and for every person.  Everyone takes a shower, right?  So, a safe place to start would be with shower steamers.  These mighty disks of love disburse aromatic scents into the shower making it seems as if you’re in a spa instead of your boring old home.  We’ve got them in just about every scent.  For instance, for those night time shower people we recommend the lavender as it will relax and calm before bed.  We also offer invigorating, and sinus soothing varieties as well, the choices are endless.


The top holiday gifts for 2022 all include ways to unwind and relax.  With the hectic pace of life making everyone stressed out, giving a gift of relaxation really shows you care.  Some of the hottest holiday gifts this 2022 include topical CBD.  CBD or Cannabidiol, is made from the hemp plant which you may know as the cousin to the marijuana plant.  Never fear, though, the hemp plant does not contain any psychoactive properties but does contain natural oils and terpenes that have been known to reduce inflammation, decrease nerve pain and sooth sore muscles.  Our CBD products are made with our patented formula that helps pores open in the hot water so that the experience is both longer lasting and faster acting. 


Browse through our amazing selection of the best holiday gifts 2022 and make everyone smile!

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