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Mom Bombs is a woman created company to support and impact struggling moms. It's organic, vegan, and made in the USA.  Being a mom is hard. We are so many things to so many people. We don't want to disappoint anyone and wind up forgetting about taking care of us.  This is self-care for a good cause. 




Lot's of my friends workout in some form or another. I myself get mystery aches and pains. I can injure myself getting out of bed at this point. I am so looking forward to the Muscle Soak bath bombs. I love to garden, do yoga, and DIY. My body just likes to remind for several days after.


Join me in supporting this company. 

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As spring approaches, the kids will spend more time outside, the weather will get nicer, and the days longer. It also means Easter and Mother's Day are on the way. Do you need a gift but don't know what to buy? Never had anyone get mad about getting bath bombs. Their gift boxes are gorgeous. Just look at these.




Kids and Men/Dads need to relax too! Guess what? Mom Bombs made stuff for you too. For the kids there are magical surprises and fun.  Plus even one that doesn't leave a stain! That's a mom's best friend right there. Take a look.



For those guys that make our lives more lively. We want them to smell good and feel relaxed too right? I have to say the name of one of the products made me laugh. Reminded me of a Christmas skit on a long running weekend evening show. Playful and cute.



 You can't beat these prices, ingredients, or mission. Not to mention the selection. There's bar soap, bath salts, bath balms, shower steamers, and more. Something for everyone at a price that's affordable. I'm proud to be part of this tribe and their vibe. 


I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me or read me rather. Self-care is good for you and not selfish. You have to take time for you too. In closing, I'm going to put a few more pictures of some the products I hadn't yet and I'll put my link at the bottom too so you don't have to scroll back up. If you decide to buy, let me help you save some money. You are important, and worthy, and doing an amazing job and I'm proud of everything you have accomplished. Keep shining bright and remember to pause for some you time.


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