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Soak all your worries away with Made with Love Bath Salts with 300 mg CBD. It’s a perfect mix of juicy strawberry, sensual amber & blackcurrant, enriched with our patented CBD blend. Sprinkle it in your warm bath, soak in it, and let your pores open for maximum absorption of the natural ingredients and CBD. The result? A bath experience that can rival the toughest of days.


Made from the highest quality ingredients, our CBD-infused champagne bath salts will soothe your aches and relax your senses while you bathe. These bath salts will also help you achieve beautiful, smooth & ultra-hydrated skin. Don’t have much time for a full warm bath? You’re free to use our CBD bath salts for your daily shower scrub or quick foot soak. 

Enjoy Made With Love CBD Bath Salts in Multiple Ways. 

Whether you prefer soaking in a long, warm bath or taking a shower for a quick scrub, you will love our CBD bath salts! Here are the three ways to enjoy this incredible product: 


Add ¼ to ½ cup of our bath salts with CBD in your running bathwater. Then, get in and soak your worries away for 20 minutes! Have fun and enjoy the spa-like experience at home. 


Elevate your daily shower scrub by adding a handful of bath salt to a tablespoon of your shower gel. The combination will exfoliate & soften your skin while relaxing your senses. 

Foot Soak:

Mix a cup of CBD-infused bath salts with warm water in your foot bath. Then, soak your feet for ten minutes. Relax your mind and let the heat & CBD soothe your aches and soften your skin. 

Unlike CBD oil or tincture, The patented CBD formulation in our bath salts are absorbed more quickly through your pores. That makes it easy for your body to reap CBD’s health benefits immediately, which include:

  • Immediate pain relief: Do you have recurring back pain or muscle spasms? Soak in a CBD bath, and all your pain will go away. Packed with 300mg of CBD, our bath salts will engage with your body’s cannabinoid receptors to regulate or soothe your pain. 
  • Reduced inflammation: A warm bath and CBD salts are a great combination. Heat causes your blood vessels to widen, allowing CBD to penetrate your bloodstream through your pores. The result? Inflammation caused by eczema, arthritis, or an intense workout will be reduced. You will get up from the bath feeling refreshed. 
  • Ultra-hydrated skin: CBD is derived from hemp plants, which have tons of naturally hydrating compounds. Those compounds can easily penetrate your pores when you’re taking a CBD bath or foot soak, hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy.

At Mom Bomb, we’re proud to add a patented CBD blend to luxury bath & shower products. This proprietary blend allows the cannabinoids to be absorbed by the pores faster to offer longer-lasting results. We’ve also formulated it to help users consume less CBD while getting the same results from a higher dose. And to keep our bath & shower products smelling and looking good, we’ve mixed our CBD blend with essential oils and high-quality natural ingredients. With Mom Bomb products, you can enjoy a spa-like experience at home! 

Shop Made With Love Bath Salts with 300 mg CBD Today.

Want to start taking better care of yourself? Get a good soak in a warm bath infused with CBD bath salts. You can also use this amazing product for your daily shower scrub or weekly foot soak session. No matter how you use it, you can expect an incredible experience that elevates your self-care ritual and rewards you with a relaxing session. Plus, when you buy our CBD bath salts, you also get to help mothers and families in crisis across the US. 

 Isn’t that a good deal? So what are you waiting for? Buy our CBD bath salts today. 

Our hand-made bath bombs are 100% vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and MADE IN THE USA!

Our Mission:

Why You Should Love Mom Bomb

We’re proud that many customers have adored & loved Mom Bomb because:

  • We give every dollar we make to moms in crisis.

Mom Bomb aims to be the haven moms in crisis can turn to when they have no other options. Every dollar we make through our amazing line of luxury bath & shower products goes to restorative services that tide mothers over. That way, moms in crisis can focus on where they are needed the most and keep their families intact as they resolve their issues. 

  • Mom Bomb products smell amazing and elevate your bath experience.

You will love our bath and shower products! They look and smell amazing! Plus, they will make your self-care ritual more relaxing—giving you a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. Our products are also great gift ideas for anyone who needs some pampering. 

  • Our bath and shower products are all-natural, cruelty-free, and made in the US.

More reasons to love Mom Bomb? We use only natural & nourishing ingredients to formulate our bath bombs, bath salts, and other products. Nothing is tested on animals, and everything is made right here in the US.

We give 100% to charity.

Mom Bomb exists to helps families in crisis.  Creating an organization that is self-sufficient is paramount to growing the positive impact we can have on families. As a result, we have created a line of all natural, luxury bath and shower products for men, women and children and use the profits to fund our charity. Every dollar of profit we make benefits our own non-profit,

We support moms in crisis with grants towards restorative services like meals and laundry so that moms in crisis can be present where they are needed most.  Mothers often hold the energy for the family, so when there is a crisis, Mom Bomb aims to stabilize the mother and with that, the family, so they can focus on the issue at hand and tackle it with a clear mind. To learn about the services, we provide for mothers click Here. 

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Are the bath bombs safe?

Yes! More than safe, they are exceptional!

Our bath bombs are absolutely safe for daily use for kids and adults of all ages! All oils used in our bath bombs are organic, vegan, and nontoxic. They are handmade in the USA.

We wouldn't give you anything we wouldn't use on ourselves on our families. We use our own products daily.

What does it mean that 100% of profits go to Charity?

When we say 100% of profits, we mean the funds left over after normal business expenses are deducted from all the income we derive from sales from our bath products. That income comes from sales of our products.

All businesses, whether they are non profit or for profit, incur normal business expenses required to operate, such as employee compensation and benefits, travel, cost of goods, transportation, warehousing, marketing and advertising, supplies, occupancy costs, taxes, etc. Management is responsible for preparing annual budgets, which are submitted for review and approval from a board that regularly uses third party studies to assess the reasonableness of our compensation scales.  Our founder does not take a salary and acts in a volunteer position.

We use the profits to fund our charitable organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service code, Mom Bomb. The charitable organization is governed by an independent Board of Directors, which is obligated to use the organizations resources solely to advance its charitable purpose. The organization makes grants to mothers in crisis, pays for other qualifying charitable expenses, and sets aside a small amount of capital reserves to carry out charitable purposes and cover contingencies, such as maintaining funding levels to respond rapidly to emergencies such as natural disasters, make program related investments, and cover unanticipated expenditures. In all cases, reserve funds can only be used for charitable purposes.

Will they stain my skin and nails?

No, all ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle, and are FDA approved.

Will they stain my bath tub?

Nope, definitely not. How would that be relaxing for you?!  All ingredients used to create our bath bombs are gentle, they do not leave stains or residue behind on normal bathtub surfaces. 

Where are they made?

Right here in the USA! We take immense pride in that fact. We ensure the highest quality of our products for our customers and ourselves.

How frequently can I use bath bombs?

As often as you'd like!  Many customers use them daily. The more often you use them, the more of benefits you'll see.

Are the bath bombs safe for colored hair?

Yes!  All ingredients used to create our bath bombs are so gentle, they will keep that fabulous color right on-point!

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