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Who is Mom Bomb?



Born out of necessity, every woman on our staff understands the importance of supporting moms in crisis.  Unique in our bold commitment, every dollar of profit we make goes directly into our charity, Mom Bomb Giving.

We show up every day to serve moms by making self-care accessible and using whatever we can to serve moms who need it.




  • We are passionate women on a mission for moms.
  • We support our mission by bringing top-shelf bath products to the market.
  • We give everything we make from each purchase, every dollar of profit, to our charity - Mom Bomb Giving Organization  
  • Moms give 100%, and we do too.
  • Mom Bomb embodies tribe mentality through empowering and restoring women across the spectrum of motherhood.
  • We do not exclude based on age, income, lifestyle, or affiliation.
  • To us, every mom is critical in shaping the future. 
  • Every crisis is valid. Every mom is worth helping.



Tribe mentality is the human tendency to seek out and connect with like-minded people who share common interests, beliefs, or habits.

  • At Mom Bomb, our tribe is moms, and we get up every day to serve our tribe.  

  • Beyond helping individuals, we are building community through social media to foster a tribe of empowered women. This community is collaborative, vibrant, and expanding daily. 



"This business was born because I was suffering.

Out of the blue, I was struck down with an illness that was life-altering. The pain of this rare disorder was so debilitating; daily tasks became nearly impossible. I needed an outlet, so I started making bath bombs.

The essential oils were soothing and provided relief, and the task itself quickly proved itself to be therapeutic. I began to research other bath bombs on the market. Based on what I found, I felt confident I could build a better bomb.

I wanted to create bath bombs that were can only be described as luxurious: superior scents, higher-quality ingredients that would leave anyone feeling relaxed and unwound. I investigated to create a product that was organic, vegan, and also made in the USA.

After doing my due diligence, build a better bomb I did! I took the base product of high-quality essential oils and added organic argan oil to locks in moisture and combat aging. The more I made, the more I felt confident I could create bath experiences worth savoring!

Once I set the formula, I decided to figure out how I could use the money I made from this endeavor to help other moms struck down as I found myself at the beginning of this journey; crisis looks different on everyone, and I wanted to create an impact that extended beyond myself.

So, join our tribe and jump-in with Mom Bomb! In this case, self-care means helping yourself be whole for those who depend on you and impacting other mothers struggling in silence."





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