CBD Products from Mom Bomb - Like No Others!

CBD Products from Mom Bomb - Like No Others!

Using CBD to Help with Migraines


For those of us who suffer with migraines, we know that the remedies people use to alleviate the excruciating pain are almost as unique as the person effected by these painful episodes.  I have friends who swear by bio freeze for migraine pain management.  Some put a cold towel on their head and soak their feet in the hottest water they can stand and swear this helps.  I’ve even heard of one woman who wraps her head in a scarf she keeps frozen in her freezer for such emergencies. One thing for sure is that when a migraine comes on, there is little a sufferer won’t try to get it to stop.

The best CBD for migraine relief that I have found is the Calm Bomb ®.  This bath bomb uses a patented CBD formula and combines essential oils that have been found to soothe migraines with the natural ingredients of magnesium sulfide.  It’s a like a little ball of relief that I can pop into the tub with an eye mask and feel the pain subside every time I use one.

While most of us migraine sufferers have a prescription for rescue medication in case of emergencies, most of us prefer to use a natural remedy for migraines.  Every ingredient in the Calm Bomb ® comes from nature, including the coloring which is all natural mica instead of the synthetic food dyes used in most bath products.  The scents are infused using only the highest quality essential oils, each picked to provide soothing relief for the roughest of migraine headaches.  There are four different color and scent combinations offered in these spheres of pain relief including chamomile, mint with pine and honey, clementine, and lavender vanilla.  These Calm Bombs ® are the best natural remedy for migraines I have found on the market, and the price is incredible. 

 Affordable CBD Bath Bombs


Most CBD bath bombs retail for over $10 each.  Who can afford a $10 bath every time they get a headache?  The Calm Bomb ® comes with 6 XL bath bombs to a bag for $40, which comes out to less than $7 each.

There are many factors that affect the pricing of a CBD bath bomb, so make sure you take all factors into account.  For instance, there are some CBD bath bombs that have upward of 100mg of CBD in each bomb.  You want to be careful as CBD has a cumulative effect and consistent use over time can result in tolerance build up, which means you must use more to get the desired effect.

The Calm Bomb ® is the perfect natural remedy for migraines because it has just 25MG of CBD.  This is enough to take the edge off without making you woozy.  Additionally, because of the patented CBD formula in each bath bomb, the effects are longer lasting and faster acting than a regular CBD bath bomb. 

So, when you need natural pain relief for a throbbing headache, try the patented Calm Bomb ® and use the time alone in the tub to enjoy the solace while the healing properties get to work on that headache.


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